Hello, I am a 40something European abstract painter. I started painting years ago, after a very challenging period in my life. My work is all about imprints and traces.

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My paintings hint at how past and current events, experiences and decisions shape us and our surroundings. Challenges and adversities are inherent to life, still beauty can be found, even in unusual places. I like to capture how we deal with that beauty, but also with its imperfections, its irregularities and its scars.
To transform a blank canvas to express my ideas is a challenge of its own. Imprints are captured in the movement of my equipment, such as trowels and brushes as they meet my canvas. Or in the cracks of the texture paste and in the colors I use. In my studio I love to experiment with different mediums. Truly a rewarding adventure.
Take a look at my textured abstract paintings!